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Coach in Training

Summer Program

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Our Coach in Training (CIT) program is for energetic and motivated teenagers (ages 12-15) interested in learning and developing leadership skills working with children in a camp setting. No previous gymnastics or parkour experience is necessary. This program is designed so that CITs develop leadership skills through direct supervision, regular conferences with their instructors/onsite director, and a hands on experience engaging with campers.


You’ll also have some free time to play in the gym with other CITs as well as coach instructed times to develop your own skills as an athlete.


We believe that summer camps provide youth with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed as leaders both at camp and beyond. The mandate of the CIT program is to provide participants with the opportunity to develop communication, coaching, and organization skills and to take on a leadership position in a supportive and inclusive environment. 

By the end of the program, all CITs will have:

-A strong understanding of the River City Gymnastics philosophy and values

-Experiences teaching different skills while accounting for individual differences

-Shadowed, observed, and assisted an assigned senior staff member

-Actively participated in CIT discussions, seminars, and workshops with fellow CITs and Directors


As a CIT at River City, you will:

-Participate in pre-camp training

-Be paired with a senior coach at camp

-Set weekly goals

-observe and assist senior coach instructing

-be provided with increasing amount of teaching responsibility  throughout the program and receive feedback

-Participate in discussions with fellow CITs, coaches and directors to discuss different aspects of leadership and teaching techniques. Some examples of topics include:

     -How to deal with individual differences

     -How to create lesson plans and weekly goals

     -How to speak to a group

     -Different teaching styles

     -Disciplinary techniques

Successful applicants will be required to commit to either

Wednesdays & Fridays OR Tuesday & Thursdays

for either the month of July or August.

Cost for 2 days a week is $130/month.

Monday-Friday program is $260/month.


Pre-camp training will take place June 25th/26th & July 25th/26th


Applications for July must be made by June 21st.

Applications for August must be made by July 15th.

Late applications may be accepted depending on availability.

Upon completion of the program, CIT's are welcome to submit a formal job application to work with us starting Fall 2019.

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