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Recreational Gymnastics


Come join us for gymnastics and start learning routines on beam, bars, and floor right away!

Our progressive routine based levelling system has 14 levels:

Beginner 1

Beginner 2

Beginner 3

Beginner 4

Beginner 5

Beginner 6

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2

Intermediate 3

Intermediate 4

Intermediate 5

Intermediate 6

Advanced 1

Advanced 2

Advanced 3

Athletes have the opportunity to level up on each event separately, that way they do not feel held back if they are struggling on one apparatus above the others. 

Our program holds 2 showcases a year for parents to come watch their athletes demonstrate their routines:

Winter Showcase in November/December

Spring Showcase in May/June

Our program also incorporates more dance than typical gymnastics classes. Our floor and beam routines have many dance aspects included, and are all taught by a dance instructor in our new studio space.

$18 - $45/class. Discount applied for multiple classes/week.

Session pro-rated based on number of classes remaining.

Registration for full year eligible for payment plans.

Athletes who level up past Beginner 6 will be asked to attend Rec Gym 3/4. Higher level skills require additional training as well as additional flexibility and strength training. Higher levels also attend dance training hours outside of their classes.

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