Preschool Age 3-5 Programs

Look out!  Kinder Gym is a one hour fast paced, learning environment that will stimulate all of your child’s senses.  Moving through gymnastics foundations, children will also participate in strategy and problem solving games, theme related climbing and balancing activities, all while developing their physical literacy.  You won’t want to miss this highly energetic, interactive environment!

($15/class. Session pro-rated based on number of classes remaining)

The Kinder Ninja program trains our tiniest ninjas while they are springy and bendy! Let your little ones get a feel for Parkour in a play- and story-based environment. Classes will help teach movement in conjunction with self-regulation. They’re a lot of fun!

($15/class. Session pro-rated based on number of classes remaining)

The Early Learning Sport Academy class provides the best of both worlds; academics and athletics; 1-3 days a week. Children will begin in the classroom with a two hour immersion into an exciting, interactive, hands-on, under 6, learning environment.  Then, they will move into the gym, where they will participate in strategy and problem solving games, sport development/physical literacy activities, as well as GYMNASTICS!  What better way to prepare your child for grade school.  This high energy, interactive program is one you won’t want to miss! *Click here for more details*


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1365 C Dalhousie Dr

Kamloops, BC

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