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Early Learning Sport Academy

Where Early Learning and Sport Training meet!

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Students of Early Learning Sport Academy begin with a two hour immersion into creative classroom learning, focusing on science & social studies, speech & language, phonetics and literacy, preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond. We follow a Reggio Emilia approach to early learning. This allows your child to explore their own imagination and question the world around them while learning

Early Learning Concepts.


Then, they will move into the gym where they will participate in strategy and problem-solving games, sport/fitness development, as well as GYMNASTICS! Their time in the gym will be spent developing Physical literacy*; learning fundamental movement skills from several popular sports, using gymnastics as a foundation. What better way to discover your child's potential and

prepare them for elementary and beyond!

This high energy, interactive program is one you won't want your child to miss.


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Registration for 2024-2025 year
will open April 3, 2024

Class Times:
9:00am - 12:00pm
11:00am - 2:00pm
2 hours of hands on classroom  learning
1 hour of Gymnastics!

Our Philosophy . . .
Socially: to develop positive relationships with others by learning cooperation and sharing, personal conflict resolution and how to function as group members as well as individuals.

Physically: to refine motor and perceptual skills including: body awareness, appreciation of time and direction, sensory development and coordination.

Intellectually: to cultivate intellectual growth by enhancing: listening skills, ability to discriminate sounds, vocabulary, shape and color recognition and observational skills with all five senses

Creatively: to discover through invention and experimentation by: learning basic problem solving and fostering creative self-expression using craft materials in novel and unusual ways.

Emotionally: to encourage independence and self direction by emphasizing: initiative, decision making, respect for others, acceptance and expression of feelings, handling of anger, coping with frustration and failure and celebrating achievement.

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Our Objectives . . .
To teach socially responsible principles and ideas within an age appropriate curriculum using stories, songs, crafts and activities.

To recognize and accept the individuality of our children and help them develop at their own rate.

To treat our children with respect and understanding, providing a warm, cheerful, creative and safe environment to learn.

To create a positive atmosphere with many opportunities to play, experiment, discuss and interact with others

To prepare a program that incorporates manipulative, creative,

dramatic, scientific, physical and musical components in a loving environment in order to help our children develop socially, emotionally and creatively.

To furnish centers covering a wide range of themes promoting intellectual development through structured play

To encourage respect for people and property.

River City Early Learning Centre Kamloops

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