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After School Academy

at River City Athletics



Pick up available at: Lloyd George, Kamloops School of the Arts, Dufferin, McGowan, Aberdeen , 

Is your child missing out on Co-Curricular Activities because of your work schedule?

We'd like to help!


We will pick up your child from school, supervise a short snack

time, then they will participate in an hour and a half to two hour

gymnastics, parkour, or sport training class

ending at 5:00/5:15/5:30 pm.


Program Breakdown:

2:30-3:00 - Pick Ups & Drop Offs

3:00-3:15/3:30 - Supervised Snack Time

3:20-5:30 - Gymnastics, Parkour,

or Sport Training Class

5:30 - Pick up

Class Prices starting at $160/month for one day program


Kamloops After School Program Gymnastics Parkour classes River City Athletics
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